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Speak Out

26 Apr

Have you ever seen something, something horrible? Something that maybe happened in the halls, or somewhere else, that you felt that you could have, should have, done something about? Now’s your chance to do something about it.

Millions of people wish they had the courage to speak out about something they thought was wrong, but they never said anything. They just let it happen. But what they didn’t know was that it was easier than they would have thought to speak up. And that there would have been someone, at least one person, who agreed with them.

With slavery, it’s the same. Only it’s so much easier to make a more widespread motion because you know that someone else would side with you in this big world. That’s when it spirals out, becomes a worldwide movement. I’m not saying it happens every time, but sometimes, all it takes is one person with the courage to speak out to change something.


Slavery is Ridiculous

18 Apr

Personally, I think slavery is ridiculous. I understand that people do it for money, but if they really want something that bad, then they can go and get it themselves. God gave them hands and legs for a reason, and it wasn’t simply so that they could use them to imprison someone else in the most inhumane way possible.

If the need to take freedom from someone, if it’s so all-consuming, then they can go lock themselves up in the way they do to slaves. I can guarantee they wouldn’t enjoy it, no matter how much material things that money can buy them. So why do it to someone else?

  Screenshot of Slavery Footprint website, as seen on November 22, 2011.

Slavery is Immoral

12 Apr

Imagine your best friend, or your sister or brother, who you share secrets with and  love. Now imagine them bound and gagged,  being forced by a trafficker to do whatever he or she pleased. Imagine them crying out for help, and no one answering it. Emotional and evocative, isn’t it? You may hate me for bringing up such images, but it needs to be done for awareness.

This is what millions of people across the world feel when they think of their loved ones. The only thing worse is not knowing what happened to them after they vanished out of thin air, which happens in plenty of cases. Many more think of death when they think of a loved one caught in slavery, because that’s what becomes of many. They outgrow their uses, and they become worthless to traffickers. So they do away with them. Think this is abhorrent?

You bet it is. It’s disgusting, and it happens in our backyards. No youth is safe when it comes to trafficking and slavery. But we have something traffickers don’t. We have hope, and we have the means to abolish modern slavery.

Slavery is Inhuman

28 Mar

Slavery is inhuman, in my opinion. Enslaving fellow human beings is immoral and unjust. Would you like it if someone took you from your home, everything you knew, and told you that you had to do everything they told you to do, even if you didn’t want to? No? I didn’t think so. That is how you would feel as a slave, and that is how you would be treated. You may be beaten, abused, neglected and punished if you don’t agree. Most of these slaves are children, and this is a controversial topic. Many people don’t know that modern slavery exists, and those who do are doubtful.

But the fact is that slavery is more widespread and prolific now than it ever was. People are supposed to mature and gain compassion and understanding as time goes on, but today there are people in the world that regress and become uncivilized as time progresses. There is one thing that can spur such cruel acts of inhumanity: money. Money is the reason why most people are enslaved today. Money caused greed back then and it causes it now. Whether they are trying to harness it, save it, or garner it by the use of slaves doesn’t matter. What does matter is humans, and their freedom. Provide hope for a slave by learning more about it, and making a change.

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