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Facts on Human trafficking

4 May

Human Trafficking has been a big deal in our world. Human trafficking is the second largest and fastest growing criminal industry in the world.  There are more slaves today in this world then there were when slaves were legal.

Stopping Human Trafficking

4 May

Human Trafficking has became a big deal. There’s kids from five to grown adults that are getting sold into sex slavery. You can’t escape it if you have already been sold into it. Some people have been starved and aren’t aloud to eat until they cooperate with the people.  They have been beat or even killed. Everybody needs to take action and help them stop it.

About Human Trafficking

4 May

Human trafficking is becoming a bigger and bigger deal day by day. Anyone can be taking into it, your sister, your mom, your daughter, or even your best-friend. They don’t care what age or your description. You have to work with them, or they will physically hurt you. They are everywhere. They can be in your home town, you will never know their there. Help us stop Human Trafficking. Wouldn’t you fight for the world to have your loved ones back? Your freedom can be taking from you a day at every time. People don’t realize that it can be you that’s taking and never brought back.

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