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Sarah’s Story

4 May

A 17- year old girl who didn’t have a great home life because her mom and her step father drank constantly paying no attention to her. One day she was walking to the store and a 30- year old man drove up beside her and told her how pretty she was. Sarah told him she just needed to walk because she was angry with her mom. He asked her if he could take her to get her nails done and she agreed. He paid right away and gave her many compliments and asked to see her again the next day. For two months they hung out together called each other their boyfriend or girlfriend. He took her out to eat and to get her nails done. One day he asked Sarah to move in with him. He told her that he could no longer make the rent payment. He wanted her to go on dates with other men and have sexual encounters. Sarah felt very nonconvertible but did it so she wouldn’t have to return home. One night she was raped on the street and immediately called the police and was taken to the hospital. The police had called an organization to come and help Sarah and she was in emergency housing an d emotional support. The organization made it where she would have a long term housing and a part time job. With in four months she was able to save enough money so that she could move in by herself. Today, she continues to live on her own and hopes to attend college and eventually start her own business.


Marika’s Story

4 May

It was a normal day Marika thought she would be going to find a new job in the city of Cairo. Her family was struggling with the money and her mother was sick and her father was an unemployed , miserable drunk. As soon as she got to the airport she went to claim her luggage. She was forced by a Russian man into a jeep with three other women. She had traveled on many planes for about two days. Marika finally spoke up and wanted to go home, but the guards pig hit her in the face her mouth was bleeding and she was crying. Her and the other three women were forced to follow two Bedouin guards on foot across the Sinai Desert while the guards rode camels. They traveled for almost two days, stopping for two very small meals and to sleep under the stars.

After they had arrived to Egypt they were told to unclothe were men could look at them. Marika and another girl from the long voyage were forced to go with a man drove them to Tel Aviv, to an apartment. There they were to take a shower and as they dried a man came in and gave her some cheap lingerie which you could see through.  Marika and the other girl were both purchased for $10,000 each. The man who bought them told them they had to pay off a $20,000 until then they were his property. He also stated that if they didn’t do what they were told he would have a painful punishment for them. They all called her ” Natasha” they were all Natasha’s to them. Marika’s story ends by saying the men never asked for her name and she never told them.

True Story: Human Trafficking

4 May

A middle child in an Air Force family and straight-A student a regular 15 year old girl. Debbie  was called by a regular friend who wanted to hang out with her. Debbie was forced to get in the car, to be quiet, and to do what the men wanted. Debbie’s parents had no clue she had disappeared. Debbie was also forced to sleep in a small dog kennel for days at a time. Debbie was gang raped periodically by married men who had a family at home. Debbie was taken to a run down neighborhood in Phoenix where she was kept for 40 days in some mans apartment. She was also kept under the bed and and in a drawer. Police had invaded the apartment once and didn’t find her. The police officers steadily yelled her name but she was to scared to yell back. They ended up  finding her shut in a drawer. The first thing she did when she was found she gave a big hug to the police  officer to thank him for finding and rescuing her.

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