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What’s Next?

10 May

On April 2oth 2012 the Invisible Children group covered many cities with Kony posters and many other things about sex slave trafficking. So what’s next, what else can we do because we can’t stop here! We need to make Kony as famous as we possibly can and we need to get the word out asap! This video is about the Invisible Children group and what they are going to do next. It doesn’t really say what they are going to exactly do but on November 3rd they are doing something again. We need to back them up 100% and help them get the word out.


Predators Are Always On The Look

19 Apr

Debbie is the middle child of her family and she is fifteen. Debbie was recently abducted and put into the sex slave market. But Debbie ( which is not her real name ) is one of the thousands of children who have been taken and put into sex slave markets. The FBI estimates about 100,000 girls have been put into the market just in the U.S. The ages range from 9 to 19 These predators that hunt for these kids are sick people in my opinion because they know just how to lure them in. Debbie story is bizarre because the predators got one of her friends to come over and actually tie her up and give her to them. The predators told her friend that if she didn’t comply that they would shoot her. These predators are mean  and want as many sex slaves as they can get. We need to get the word out about these guys so we can stop this.


Joseph Kony

10 Apr

Joseph Kony is the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). He has abducted children and now some of the are soldiers but most of them are sex slaves. He keeps them in Uganda where he punishes and forces them to do things. The bulk of Kony’s foot soldiers were children. While estimates of the number of children conscripted since 1986 vary, some put the figure as high as 104,000.  No one really knows how many sex slaves there are but we are sure that there are many of them over there and they need help.

The video below is by Jason Russell for the campaign group Invincible Children Inc. He was one of the first to people to really show everyone how bad it is. The video is somewhat long so if you  have time please watch it. We need to get this out so everyone knows about it!!

A Heroic Slave

29 Mar

Somaly Mam was born in Cambodia to a family that was suffering from poverty, later on in life Somaly was sold into sexual slavery by a man who posed to be her grandfather. After years of being in sexual slavery she finally got out. She has know incorporated her own foundation to help these girls that are in sexual slavery.

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