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The Used-to-be Oxymoron

4 May

Modern Slavery-used to be an oxymoron. Most people don’t even know it exists. For some people, it may be happening right under their noses. Maybe we should be a little more careful about trying out that new sports bar down the road, or going to get an escort from the airport to go to your hotel. It may just be a hoax.  Most human trafficking rings have a front for their business, so that they will be a little less conspicuous. That front can also be a trap to get other women into slavery. So, when we say that we are fighting modern slavery, it’s not as crazy as people think. Human trafficking is the second biggest illegal trade in the world, next to the drug trade. Help us fight human trafficking by promoting awareness of the issue to the world.



Using Facebook for Human Trafficking-Draft

20 Apr

It has been found that many human trafficking rings are using Facebook to advertise. Most are using a massage parlor or escort service as a front for their business, but their descriptions and profile pictures say otherwise. Craigslist was used for the same purpose in the past, but the company began to crack down on the illegal rings. Now these same companies are advertising on Facebook in order to get added customers for sex trafficking. We need to be aware of the situation and know what these businesses stand for before Facebook becomes the number one human trafficking “ring leader” without even knowing it.

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