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29 Mar

Being a person who believes in equality and loving your fellow man/woman, I have been torn apart by the topic of slavery in my school for the past few days. Just knowing that there are people out there who are treated as property sickens me. I can not imagine a person so conceited that they think they have the privilege to own another human being, but there are people who believe they have that right. We need to remember that we are all human beings and that we each deserve each others respect. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, who cares? Equality is, in my opinion, the only way we will ever live in peace, and slavery is probably as far from equality as one can get. I do not believe that one person is better than the rest, I do not believe that one race is better than any other race, I do not believe one country is better than another country. We all have our own unique qualities and we each deserve a chance to show our potential, so why don’t slaves? Do we not all deserve a chance? Slavery wasn’t finished after the American Civil War. Sadly, it’s still as strong as ever.

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