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Progress on advertising facebook page

27 Apr

I’ve managed to share the link to our page a few times and I think we are up to 80 something likes, so I think we are making progress! Same with Twitter, many have started to follow our twitter page.


Where To Buy Bracelets

11 Apr

As you may know Destiny Rescue is an organization that takes young girls out of the sex trafficking trade and attempts to put them in a better home. Providing all these girls can be hard when you have to buy  them food, clothes & shelter. Too add on to that some of these girls are trying to provide for their own families as well, but Destiny Rescue has come up with a brilliant idea! This idea could serve has a new job that will help provide for the young girls & their families.

In Destiny Rescue’s attempts to save these young girls they have come up with the idea for these young girls to produce handmade jewelry. Destiny Rescue’s jewelry can be bought online. They are made for men & women , and come in a beautiful assortment of colors. Please buy some today!

There is a link to the Destiny Rescue Store at the bottom of this article.

Official Destiny Rescue Online Store

Westwood Schools

11 Apr

Every community has a base, a foundation. Camilla’s is Westwood. Westwood is a small school, with big plans! We may be little, but everything we do, we do with heart! It’s hard to picture a school like a family, especially if you are from a big city, but that’s exactly how Westwood works. Everyone knows everybody, and we are just a very close knit family. Our school has been through a lot of ups and down, and we still have challenges, but since we all are dedicated to keeping this school running and want the best education our little town can have, I think Westwood will continue to strive for excellence and succeed!

Westwood is very open to multiple discussions, and that is where this movement ties in. Most schools would not consider, much less approve such a “dirty” topic for their students to research, but due to dedicated faculty and personnel who understand how important this message is, have agreed to let us undertake such a shocking topic. We have a new goal at Westwood, a goal that one day all slaves may be free.

#hashtags can save lives

29 Mar

By using the hashtags #humantrafficking , #trafficking , #fighthumantrafficking , #savethechildren , #humanrights , and #slaveryfree , you are increasing the chances of getting the word out! With each follow and tweet, we get one step closer to saving the millions of children and adults, both girls and boys, who are suffering today from this horrible, money making business. To help get the word out to end human trafficking, we are now on Twitter. Anyone can help! If you don’t have a Twitter account, then please sign up. The more, the merrier! If you already have an account or multiple accounts, you might be wondering how you are going to manage numerous tweets. Hootsuite is a great website that is just like a virtual daily planner for Twitter. It’s great to use and will help you balance out your tweets. These women and children need your help. Please, help us get the word out and save a life, one tweet at a time.


What you can do…

28 Mar

What you can do:

  • Wear jewelry made by those freed from slavery. On May 1, we are asking children, teens, men, and women everywhere to wear the jewelry made by those who have been rescued from this travesty. By buying their jewelry, we will put money in the hands of those who are rescuing the boys, girls, and women from this atrocity. We are encouraging people to buy jewelry from Destiny Rescue, an organization devoted to ending human trafficking.
  • Host a jewelry sale. Reading High School in Ohio is hosting a jewelry sale on Tuesday, May 1st. Pending approval, Westwood High School in Georgia will also be hosting a jewelry sale. To host a jewelry sale, contact Destiny Rescue. (Click here for detailed information)
  • Support the organizations that are working in this area. The hashtag is #endslavery (if you Tweet) or you can like our Facebook page (  Check back here for facts and more information on this important.
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