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Did You Know?

30 Apr

This movie is a great fictional thriller with a happy ending, but little do people know that even though this is a fictional story, this is happening more than anyone could imagine! Most people watch movies and videos like this and are completely unaware of how real the scenario really is, except happy endings aren’t very common for these girls. Our goal is to make people aware of the awful, truth. That slavery is real, very real. Tomorrow is May Day, and I need your help with our goal! Please join me in this cause so that one day, all slaves may be free!

Involvement = Understanding

24 Apr

You can watch someone do something a million times but until you gain the courage to actually get involve with what you have been watching, you will never fully understand. This applies to everything in life, even this movement. No matter how much this topic effects you emotionally, or how depressing this subject is, you will never completely comprehend what is occurring and how awful it truly is until you get involved. If you honestly want to help this cause, please join us on May Day (May 1st.) We want to make a difference. We are tired of just watching as innocent lives are being taken every day. Aren’t you? Please join us, not watch us, in our attempt to bring awareness so that one day all slaves may be free!

Are you ready for your “time to speak”?

17 Apr


In the Bible in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 states that there is a time for everything. May Day (May 1st), is quickly approaching and we need to be ready for our “time to speak” out against Human Trafficking!  Please help speak out against this very shocking, yet very real problem! People need our help, are you ready for your time to speak? I hope so! Please be ready because May 1st is that time! I hope everyone has purchased their jewelry and is ready to take a stand about this oxymoron, “modern day slavery!” Please join us in taking a stand and bringing awareness to this horrible issue! Let’s remind people that hopefully one day, all slaves will be free! Let’s have hope so every slave can have hope too!

Westwood Schools

11 Apr

Every community has a base, a foundation. Camilla’s is Westwood. Westwood is a small school, with big plans! We may be little, but everything we do, we do with heart! It’s hard to picture a school like a family, especially if you are from a big city, but that’s exactly how Westwood works. Everyone knows everybody, and we are just a very close knit family. Our school has been through a lot of ups and down, and we still have challenges, but since we all are dedicated to keeping this school running and want the best education our little town can have, I think Westwood will continue to strive for excellence and succeed!

Westwood is very open to multiple discussions, and that is where this movement ties in. Most schools would not consider, much less approve such a “dirty” topic for their students to research, but due to dedicated faculty and personnel who understand how important this message is, have agreed to let us undertake such a shocking topic. We have a new goal at Westwood, a goal that one day all slaves may be free.

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