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Human Trafficking: Still In Effect

30 Mar

Eleven facts about human trafficking.

Human trafficking is a growing and terrible business. Every year 700,000 to 2 million people are affected around the globe by human trafficking. New York City is a major transit area for human trafficking into the United States.

Sex Trafficking:

  1. Average age going into sex trafficking is six years old
  2. The girls average life span is two years
  3. Between 700,000 and 4 million women are in the sex trafficking

Facts on Human Trafficking

30 Mar

This photo is from Google. It is also from this website. To go to the website just click on the picture.

 Human trafficking has been dated back over 400 years ago, and it still exists. Approximately 75-80% of human trafficking is for sex. There are an estimated 27 million adults and 13 million children all around the world that have been victims of human trafficking. We need to do something about human trafficking and end it. 30, 000 victims of sex   trafficking die each year from abuse, disease, torture, and neglect. 80% of those sold into sexual slavery are under 24, and some are as young as six years old.

Family members often sell children and other family members into slavery; the younger the victim, the more money the trafficker receives. The signs of human trafficking are incontrovertible.Trafficking victims don’t normally receive help because they think that they or their families will be hurt by their traffickers, or that they will be deported. We need to take a stand for those women and children who can’t, and save them from modern day slavery.

Sex traffickers use a variety of ways to “condition” their victims by subjecting them to starvation, rape, physical abuse, beating, confinement, threats of violence toward the victim and their families, forced drug use, and shame. Victims from human trafficking suffer devastating physical and psychological harm. Grab a hand of a victim, and don’t let go.

55 know facts about Human Trafficking

11 Facts about Human Trafficking

End Slavery

30 Mar

Sex slavery is real. This is happening all around the world and even in the United States. Girls who have been rescued are telling their stories about the cruel and horrible experiences they had. We need to listen to these girls and reach out to others and put a stop to this.

Man vs. Man

29 Mar

Man vs. Man

        When poets and writers begin writing their stories they often pick a particular conflict. In the world there is a real life conflict going on, Man vs. Man.  Right now in the world there are around 27 million slaves around the world.  I think as humans we should join together and help these people who can no longer help themselves. If everyone would join together as a group and take a stand for these people we could put an end to this inhuman harm. Each day more and more people are enslaved. If we wait even a few more days thousands of innocent people could easily be harmed, but with just a little help those thousands of people could be saved.

A Heroic Slave

29 Mar

Somaly Mam was born in Cambodia to a family that was suffering from poverty, later on in life Somaly was sold into sexual slavery by a man who posed to be her grandfather. After years of being in sexual slavery she finally got out. She has know incorporated her own foundation to help these girls that are in sexual slavery.

Slavery and morality

29 Mar

Slavery, no matter how you put it, is immoral, and needs to be stopped. It still exists, and it is occurring all over the world, but it can be stopped. Slavery is immoral, and humans should be equal. Some slaves are used for labor, and others are used for personal use. I think this is unbelievable, intolerable, and just wrong.

They should stop, but it doesn’t look like they will anytime soon. Foundations that we can support exist, like Destiny Rescue, so everyone can help.

slavery, it’s still here

29 Mar

Slavery is something that people thought had ended years ago. When people think of slavery today they think about when Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves back in the 1860s. Today there are over 27 million slaves still in the world. Slavery today is more than just labor. Sex slavery is huge all around the world; over 90% of all slaves today are in sex trafficking. Girls as young as five years old are being captured and sold into slavery. Something needs to be done. It has been done once and we can well do it again.


Freedom for the Slaves

29 Mar

Slavery, in my opinion, is one of the worst things in this world. We were all made equally, so why can’t we be treated equally? Picture your family; your kids, wife, husband, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, and other close family. Picture them gone, taken from you. Not only are they gone, but you have absolutely no control over it. The worst part is that you don’t know what’s happening to them, whether they are being worked to death or even forced into sex.

To me, thinking about all my family being taken away is the worst thought in this world. That is why it should be stopped. We all need to think about the families that are being hurt by this. They lay down each night and wonder if they will ever see their families ever again.

You. It all starts with you. Stand up to slavery. We have to. If we don’t, then who will? This has to be stopped, soon. Because if we don’t handle it now, then it might never be stopped.

Proceed to the Future. Don’t Go Back to the Past!

29 Mar

I think human trafificking is a big issue whether it’s labor slavery or sex slavery. Human slavery is not just bad, but it’s cruel and inhumane. No one has the right to own someone else, no matter how much power or money they have. How would you like it if someone took you away from your home, your family, your life, and made you work day and night. You don’t even know who you are anymore. It’s one thing to overwork slaves, but many slaves get abused, hit, and whipped.

Are we going back to the times before Abraham Lincoln? Instead of moving forward, our world is moving backward. If we are going back to the past, then when will the future come? Not many people know about the immense number of human slaves out there, and those people might not care about slavery because they don’t think it’s a big issue. I used to be one of those people, but now I know better.

Many of these slaves are children! Restavecs, or child laborers, in Haiti work day and night. I found a video on Youtube, and the restavec’s aunt owned her. She was so cruel. If the child didn’t do what she was supposed to, she get beaten or had to kneel down on a cheese grater. If not humanity, the aunt should have at least thought about relationships. She was doing this to her own niece! Imagine your little sibling covered with bruises and scars with barely any clothes to wear. They don’t want to ever wake up from their sleep because life is so horrible. What if that was your mom or dad? You couldn’t even think about it for a minute, could you?

Slaves are getting treated very badly. They get overworked, and if they don’t do their work like their owner wants them to, they get mistreated. I want to end this as quickly as possible, and it is possible if people come together and do something about it.

#hashtags can save lives

29 Mar

By using the hashtags #humantrafficking , #trafficking , #fighthumantrafficking , #savethechildren , #humanrights , and #slaveryfree , you are increasing the chances of getting the word out! With each follow and tweet, we get one step closer to saving the millions of children and adults, both girls and boys, who are suffering today from this horrible, money making business. To help get the word out to end human trafficking, we are now on Twitter. Anyone can help! If you don’t have a Twitter account, then please sign up. The more, the merrier! If you already have an account or multiple accounts, you might be wondering how you are going to manage numerous tweets. Hootsuite is a great website that is just like a virtual daily planner for Twitter. It’s great to use and will help you balance out your tweets. These women and children need your help. Please, help us get the word out and save a life, one tweet at a time.

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