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Progress on advertising facebook page

27 Apr

I’ve managed to share the link to our page a few times and I think we are up to 80 something likes, so I think we are making progress! Same with Twitter, many have started to follow our twitter page.


Flyer Progress

17 Apr

May Day Flyer ideas need to be voted on by class and which ever one the majority chooses will be the one we use to promote May Day.

Where we now (May 4th)

11 Apr

Jewelry has come in and all is very unique and beautiful. Our Twitter and Facebook accounts are growing in the number of followers. We are all still making blog post about 3 times a week and will continue until the end of school.

T-Shirt design

29 Mar

This is the design for the May Day T-shirt that our class will wear in support of May Day and TRAFFICKING. This was created by L.T. from Westwood schools (also a freshman).

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