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Help Stop Slavery

23 Apr

You can help stop slavery by supporting groups. Human trafficking has been going on for years. This a disgusting sight to see. Human trafficking has been one of the fastest growing slave trades in years. It is still going on now in Cambodia, India, and Zimbabwe. You can help by supporting destiny rescue an official site. This site tells you what is going on and how you can help with the organization. So please go and help support , you can make a difference.


Destiny Rescue

23 Apr

Destiny Rescue is having a jewelry sale soon! You wear the jewelry on May first which is known as May Day. May Day is a respect of freedom. We will be wearing our jewelry we bought online for this awareness, but you can order online at You go to the shop button. You can help share the awareness of human trafficking by supporting this day.

Destiny Rescue

29 Mar

Destiny Rescue is an organization that helps free child slavery. The Destiny Rescue program has rescued thousands of children from these harsh conditions. The program goes in and saves children from Thailand, Cambodia, Mozambique, and India. the young women are brought to safe houses where they are kept. Once they make it to the safe house they know they are free. The young girls learn how to sew, cook, and some also get their education they never had before.

They Destiny Rescue program was started by ordinary people just like us. You can help save the slaves too, by going to their website and helping with all sorts of ways. They have a jewelry sale that is going on May  first. You can be a part of this sale by going  on to the website and hosting your own party. Other ways you can help is the 26 second challenge. You will be given a bracelet and the money will go towards the foundation that helps free the girls. Also on their website you can buy the jewelry that the free slaves had made. The money is given to the girls for their own benefit.When you buy the jewelry it motivates the girls that they have done something in life to help them.

Some of the slaves that are saved go to programs  that Destiny Rescue sets them up wit. The spirit of these programs lifts them up, especially being around people who have been in the same place as them. You can help be a voice for these young girls. So speak up and against slavery. Every person counts!

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