Facts About Slaves Punishments

4 May

Punishments for slaves:

  • given for disobedience, running away, reading, working too slowly, practicing religion, to be and example for other slaves
  • some forms of punishment included selling the slaves or separating them from their families
  • punishments were usually physical
  • most common punishment was whipping which left permanent scars on their backs
  • slaves were beaten on their backs with paddles rather than whips which prevented them from scarring, so they could get a better price on the slaves
  • another form was a thumb screw- it was a thick wristband of iron that pulled the thumb back
  • also stocks- slaves would be locked in the these that bound their feet, hands, and head in order to keep them from running away
  • bell- iron collar with a bell attached to it so every time they moved the bell would wring
  • gag- iron bar placed across their mouth to the back of the neck
  • gang chain- pair of slaves chained together and taken to be sold

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