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What’s Next?

10 May

On April 2oth 2012 the Invisible Children group covered many cities with Kony posters and many other things about sex slave trafficking. So what’s next, what else can we do because we can’t stop here! We need to make Kony as famous as we possibly can and we need to get the word out asap! This video is about the Invisible Children group and what they are going to do next. It doesn’t really say what they are going to exactly do but on November 3rd they are doing something again. We need to back them up 100% and help them get the word out.


Nightmare Come Alive

4 May

Have you ever had a bad dream so many times it felt like it was becoming real? The same thing happened to Sreypov Chan, a young Cambodian woman, except her dream was real. At the age of seven Sreypov was kidnapped and sold to a brothel in Cambodia’s capital city, to work as a sex slave. The person who made this sale, was her own mother. For years, pimps forced Sreypov to have sex with as many as 20 men per day. Not meeting her quota or when she tried to escape led to her being punished in horrible ways. She would be burned with a hot poker, covered with biting insects, and more. “I wanted to die,” she says.

At the age of ten, Sreypov managed to escape the horrible brothel she was being held at, and started her life over. Today, she is ready to tell her story in hope that it will help open the world’s eyes at what is going on behind closed doors. Many people may think she was probably one of a few unlucky girls, but truth be told she is not alone. More than 12 million people are forced into prostitution and slave labor across the world. Today, Sreypov is a 20 year old girl living a free life trying to help raise awareness in the slave laboring industry.

Facts About Slaves Punishments

4 May

Punishments for slaves:

  • given for disobedience, running away, reading, working too slowly, practicing religion, to be and example for other slaves
  • some forms of punishment included selling the slaves or separating them from their families
  • punishments were usually physical
  • most common punishment was whipping which left permanent scars on their backs
  • slaves were beaten on their backs with paddles rather than whips which prevented them from scarring, so they could get a better price on the slaves
  • another form was a thumb screw- it was a thick wristband of iron that pulled the thumb back
  • also stocks- slaves would be locked in the these that bound their feet, hands, and head in order to keep them from running away
  • bell- iron collar with a bell attached to it so every time they moved the bell would wring
  • gag- iron bar placed across their mouth to the back of the neck
  • gang chain- pair of slaves chained together and taken to be sold

Human Trafficking

4 May



Imagine yourself, walking with friends down a dirt road talking about anything and everything. Then all of a sudden, a group of men appear out of nowhere, and kidnap you or all of your friends. They threaten to kill you if you don’t follow their rules. Soon you find yourself trapped in a room where there is hardly any light. You then hear a voice, a man’s voice in particular. Maybe they’re coming to save you. Think again.

Many girls these days are being kidnapped and forced into sex slavery. Many girls are under the age of 16 when they are forced into sex slavery. They each have up close to 40 and as less as 10 clients a day. What kind of person would do this you ask? There could be anyone around you that would. The slave industry is at its worst now than it has ever been.

“What I do say is, that no man is good enough to govern another man, without that other’s consent.”-Abraham Lincoln.


7 Steps For Awareness!

4 May

7 Steps For Awareness!

January 11th is known as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day!

So here are a few things to start off your year right, and to continue to do throughout the year. I have some simple steps to help spread awareness about modern-day slavery!

  1. Educate yourself & others
  2. Support organizations
  3. Pray
  4. Sponsor an orphan
  5. Stay connected
  6. Spread the word

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say that you did not know.” ~ William Wilberforce, 1789

Join in on the fight against human trafficking & sex slaves today! Every little action counts, speak up & act out!


Sarah’s Story

4 May

A 17- year old girl who didn’t have a great home life because her mom and her step father drank constantly paying no attention to her. One day she was walking to the store and a 30- year old man drove up beside her and told her how pretty she was. Sarah told him she just needed to walk because she was angry with her mom. He asked her if he could take her to get her nails done and she agreed. He paid right away and gave her many compliments and asked to see her again the next day. For two months they hung out together called each other their boyfriend or girlfriend. He took her out to eat and to get her nails done. One day he asked Sarah to move in with him. He told her that he could no longer make the rent payment. He wanted her to go on dates with other men and have sexual encounters. Sarah felt very nonconvertible but did it so she wouldn’t have to return home. One night she was raped on the street and immediately called the police and was taken to the hospital. The police had called an organization to come and help Sarah and she was in emergency housing an d emotional support. The organization made it where she would have a long term housing and a part time job. With in four months she was able to save enough money so that she could move in by herself. Today, she continues to live on her own and hopes to attend college and eventually start her own business.

Human Trafficking In California

4 May

Facts on Human trafficking

4 May

Human Trafficking has been a big deal in our world. Human trafficking is the second largest and fastest growing criminal industry in the world.  There are more slaves today in this world then there were when slaves were legal.

Work for Freedom

4 May

In the human trafficking industry, ‘slaves’ most of the time don’t have the choice of getting in or getting out. Most are taken by force from their family, friends, and everyday life. Could you imagine being taken from your lifestyle? Well, what if you  couldn’t get out of the horrible world you were forced into?

If you were dragged into this industry, odds are you won’t be able to help yourself in getting out of it. You may think, ‘Out of sight, out of mind.’ The point is, it’s in this world, it’s happening, and it could happen to you. Wouldn’t you want people working to free you?

So, why not work for freedom now? Why not be the voice you would want people to be for you?

Stopping Human Trafficking

4 May

Human Trafficking has became a big deal. There’s kids from five to grown adults that are getting sold into sex slavery. You can’t escape it if you have already been sold into it. Some people have been starved and aren’t aloud to eat until they cooperate with the people.  They have been beat or even killed. Everybody needs to take action and help them stop it.

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