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7 Steps For Awareness!

4 May

7 Steps For Awareness!

January 11th is known as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day!

So here are a few things to start off your year right, and to continue to do throughout the year. I have some simple steps to help spread awareness about modern-day slavery!

  1. Educate yourself & others
  2. Support organizations
  3. Pray
  4. Sponsor an orphan
  5. Stay connected
  6. Spread the word

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say that you did not know.” ~ William Wilberforce, 1789

Join in on the fight against human trafficking & sex slaves today! Every little action counts, speak up & act out!



Slavery is Ridiculous

18 Apr

Personally, I think slavery is ridiculous. I understand that people do it for money, but if they really want something that bad, then they can go and get it themselves. God gave them hands and legs for a reason, and it wasn’t simply so that they could use them to imprison someone else in the most inhumane way possible.

If the need to take freedom from someone, if it’s so all-consuming, then they can go lock themselves up in the way they do to slaves. I can guarantee they wouldn’t enjoy it, no matter how much material things that money can buy them. So why do it to someone else?

  Screenshot of Slavery Footprint website, as seen on November 22, 2011.

Publicity is Key

11 Apr

Human trafficking is a growing problem that many people do not even know about. This growing issue is unrecognized by society and should be brought to everyone’s attention. I think as humans we should show what is being done to these innocent people. I feel that if everyone knew about what is happening around the world some of the trafficking would come to an end.   As humans I think we should take a stand and get the world to come to the realization that slavery is a modern issue that should be acknowledged. With just a little publicity on this topic thousands of innocent people could be saved.

Proceed to the Future. Don’t Go Back to the Past!

29 Mar

I think human trafificking is a big issue whether it’s labor slavery or sex slavery. Human slavery is not just bad, but it’s cruel and inhumane. No one has the right to own someone else, no matter how much power or money they have. How would you like it if someone took you away from your home, your family, your life, and made you work day and night. You don’t even know who you are anymore. It’s one thing to overwork slaves, but many slaves get abused, hit, and whipped.

Are we going back to the times before Abraham Lincoln? Instead of moving forward, our world is moving backward. If we are going back to the past, then when will the future come? Not many people know about the immense number of human slaves out there, and those people might not care about slavery because they don’t think it’s a big issue. I used to be one of those people, but now I know better.

Many of these slaves are children! Restavecs, or child laborers, in Haiti work day and night. I found a video on Youtube, and the restavec’s aunt owned her. She was so cruel. If the child didn’t do what she was supposed to, she get beaten or had to kneel down on a cheese grater. If not humanity, the aunt should have at least thought about relationships. She was doing this to her own niece! Imagine your little sibling covered with bruises and scars with barely any clothes to wear. They don’t want to ever wake up from their sleep because life is so horrible. What if that was your mom or dad? You couldn’t even think about it for a minute, could you?

Slaves are getting treated very badly. They get overworked, and if they don’t do their work like their owner wants them to, they get mistreated. I want to end this as quickly as possible, and it is possible if people come together and do something about it.

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