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Nightmare Come Alive

4 May

Have you ever had a bad dream so many times it felt like it was becoming real? The same thing happened to Sreypov Chan, a young Cambodian woman, except her dream was real. At the age of seven Sreypov was kidnapped and sold to a brothel in Cambodia’s capital city, to work as a sex slave. The person who made this sale, was her own mother. For years, pimps forced Sreypov to have sex with as many as 20 men per day. Not meeting her quota or when she tried to escape led to her being punished in horrible ways. She would be burned with a hot poker, covered with biting insects, and more. “I wanted to die,” she says.

At the age of ten, Sreypov managed to escape the horrible brothel she was being held at, and started her life over. Today, she is ready to tell her story in hope that it will help open the world’s eyes at what is going on behind closed doors. Many people may think she was probably one of a few unlucky girls, but truth be told she is not alone. More than 12 million people are forced into prostitution and slave labor across the world. Today, Sreypov is a 20 year old girl living a free life trying to help raise awareness in the slave laboring industry.


Italy: Legal Prostitution, Illegal Human Sex Trafficking, & the Vatican

4 May

Atlanta sex trafficking chilling statistics.

4 May


20 Apr

Holly is a 2007 film about an American stolen artifacts dealer who meets up with a twelve-year old Vietnamese girl in Cambodia. She has been sold by her family and smuggled across the border into prostitution. The American, Patrick, must go onto a journey to save this girl. This movie is part of the producers’ “K-11” project and with their non-profit organization, the Redlight Children Campaign, they are working to bring awareness to the “global child trafficking epidemic” to the rest of the world–to open their eyes to some of the horrible lives that must be lived by children who have no control of what happens to them, literally being born into slavery.


Invisible Children

11 Apr

On March 5, 2012, modern day slavery in central Africa was made aware to millions of people across the globe by Jason Russell and Invisible Children, a non-profit organization originating in California that began its work in 2005 to spread awareness to the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) and its leader, Joseph Kony. The organization’s main goal is to bring an end to the atrocious activities of the LRA conflict which includes abductions and abuse of children as well as forcing them serve as soldiers. Invisible Children is operated by a forty-three full-time, permanent staff that works alongside hundreds of volunteers.

They have constantly requested the United States government to allow a military force into central Africa to subjugate the LRA, but they have denied to get involved. However, Invisible Children do support the SPLA (Sudan People’s Liberation Army) and the Ugandan Army. While the organization cannot provide any military force of its own, they fight in the media, to bring awareness to those who can and will maybe one day bring an end to the conflict. In this fight for awareness, they swept through schools and colleges throughout the United States, delivering award-winning films. Their first release via YouTube is this film, Kony 2012. As of April 11, 2012, over eighty-seven million people have been brought to awareness by this film. “Do more than just watch.”

Jessica Richardson: A Former Slave

11 Apr

Jessica Richardson was molested when she was only 4 years old by 3 teenaged boys next door. After this the family moved to Oregon where Jessica’s father was killed. Jessica was 10 when this happened and it was then she found that her friends had never been exposed to sex. Richardson says, “i don’t think the trauma of what happened affected me until then.”

At age 13, Richardson found herself loosing control. She began using drugs and dealt with a miscarriage. she got her GED at 16 and got a job as a waitress. There she met a man, 43 years old, which gave her attention and she liked it. Richardson said, ” i had never felt so special, so loved.”

That summer Jessica Richardson ended up a victim of sex trafficking at age 17. She was forced to go to Oregon, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Washington, and Canada. She was required to make $1,000 a day, which often forced her to work 12 hours a day. She was forced to change her name and age. A year later a group of prostitutes beat her until she was unrecognizable. After this situation she left, and 3 years later she found out she was pregnant. She went back home to her mom, got her real identity back, and had her baby. She is now married and trying to live a normal life with her family.

End Slavery

30 Mar

Sex slavery is real. This is happening all around the world and even in the United States. Girls who have been rescued are telling their stories about the cruel and horrible experiences they had. We need to listen to these girls and reach out to others and put a stop to this.

A Heroic Slave

29 Mar

Somaly Mam was born in Cambodia to a family that was suffering from poverty, later on in life Somaly was sold into sexual slavery by a man who posed to be her grandfather. After years of being in sexual slavery she finally got out. She has know incorporated her own foundation to help these girls that are in sexual slavery.

Not for Sale: End Human Trafficking

28 Mar

Human trafficking is a fact. It is happening around us. We must take a stand that humans are not for sale.