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Work for Freedom

4 May

In the human trafficking industry, ‘slaves’ most of the time don’t have the choice of getting in or getting out. Most are taken by force from their family, friends, and everyday life. Could you imagine being taken from your lifestyle? Well, what if you  couldn’t get out of the horrible world you were forced into?

If you were dragged into this industry, odds are you won’t be able to help yourself in getting out of it. You may think, ‘Out of sight, out of mind.’ The point is, it’s in this world, it’s happening, and it could happen to you. Wouldn’t you want people working to free you?

So, why not work for freedom now? Why not be the voice you would want people to be for you?

Make a Change

4 May

There isn’t a way to make sex trafficking disappear in a day. There probably isn’t a way to make it disappear at all. But we can make a change in the odds of people being a statistic for human trafficking.

Be a voice, work for freedom, make a change for every person locked down into this industry. It’s not a choice for most people and it’s not an option for them to change what they’ve been forced into. If you were in such a situation, you’d want people to help make a change for you.

You can’t end it in a day. You probably can’t end it at all. But you can change it. Make a change.

Be a Voice

4 May

Human slavery is not a comfortable topic. Human trafficking is an even more uncomfortable topic than human slavery. Maybe that’s why everyone’s been afraid to speak up.

It’s come to a point to where it’s an everyday part of life and people ignore it. They ignore the fact that there are people out there who are suffering from this. Parents probably won’t think about it because they couldn’t imagine their child in a such a situation. Well, somebodies child is suffering in the human trafficking industry.

Children as young as two are sold and bought like animals. Whether their parents sold them or they were kidnapped on the street, it doesn’t matter. They are still suffering. Everyday that they wake up in that environment could be their last. The life expectancy of a child in the human trafficking industry is two years. They are considered lucky if they make it past two years.

I’m not asking you to quit your job and make this campaign your life. I’m just asking you to support the end of human trafficking. Stop it for good. Be a voice.

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