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Progress on advertising facebook page

27 Apr

I’ve managed to share the link to our page a few times and I think we are up to 80 something likes, so I think we are making progress! Same with Twitter, many have started to follow our twitter page.

Where To Buy Bracelets

11 Apr

As you may know Destiny Rescue is an organization that takes young girls out of the sex trafficking trade and attempts to put them in a better home. Providing all these girls can be hard when you have to buy  them food, clothes & shelter. Too add on to that some of these girls are trying to provide for their own families as well, but Destiny Rescue has come up with a brilliant idea! This idea could serve has a new job that will help provide for the young girls & their families.

In Destiny Rescue’s attempts to save these young girls they have come up with the idea for these young girls to produce handmade jewelry. Destiny Rescue’s jewelry can be bought online. They are made for men & women , and come in a beautiful assortment of colors. Please buy some today!

There is a link to the Destiny Rescue Store at the bottom of this article.

Official Destiny Rescue Online Store

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