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Slavery in America

23 Apr

Slavery is often looked upon as a thing of the past or something that is in foreign countries. These statements are no longer true. Slavery is not just in Cambodia or Brazil. It is in the united states happening to our people. It is happening to our neighbors, our friends and our families. If we as people do not stand together and help put a stop to slavery you or a loved one could be next.

Free the slaves

19 Apr

Slavery, Human trafficking both of these are awful words. These two acts are both terrible and no human should put another person through slavery. I think as humans it is a God given right to be free. These poor humans do not know what freedom is or feels like. I believe if everyone showed compassion for these innocent people they could all experience freedom. That day should happen soon as we all should have a place in our hearts for those involved in human trafficking.

Publicity is Key

11 Apr

Human trafficking is a growing problem that many people do not even know about. This growing issue is unrecognized by society and should be brought to everyone’s attention. I think as humans we should show what is being done to these innocent people. I feel that if everyone knew about what is happening around the world some of the trafficking would come to an end.   As humans I think we should take a stand and get the world to come to the realization that slavery is a modern issue that should be acknowledged. With just a little publicity on this topic thousands of innocent people could be saved.

Man vs. Man

29 Mar

Man vs. Man

        When poets and writers begin writing their stories they often pick a particular conflict. In the world there is a real life conflict going on, Man vs. Man.  Right now in the world there are around 27 million slaves around the world.  I think as humans we should join together and help these people who can no longer help themselves. If everyone would join together as a group and take a stand for these people we could put an end to this inhuman harm. Each day more and more people are enslaved. If we wait even a few more days thousands of innocent people could easily be harmed, but with just a little help those thousands of people could be saved.

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