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Becoming a Modern Day Hero

19 Apr

Slaves today need help. they are held against there will and forced to do unimaginable things. people think that it is not necessary to do anything because they don’t believe one person can make a difference, but they can. If one person  acted on the cause and told others it could start a group of people in becoming informed about slavery. Slaves need help and we are he ones that need to grant them with it.


Saving Slaves

11 Apr

Saving slaves, some people believe that it’s not there problem that there are still slaves today. Slaves are still in the world today and are even found in the United States. Something needs to be done or this horrible act will continue to happen and carry on for future generations. I know that not that not one person can make a huge difference, but if one person spreads the word to many other people then a group can make a difference. Making a difference in the children’s and adults lives that have been taken into slavery will make a huge impact on their and your life. I know that I don’t want my future children and grandchildren growing up in a world ruled by slavery so do what you can to help.

slavery, it’s still here

29 Mar

Slavery is something that people thought had ended years ago. When people think of slavery today they think about when Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves back in the 1860s. Today there are over 27 million slaves still in the world. Slavery today is more than just labor. Sex slavery is huge all around the world; over 90% of all slaves today are in sex trafficking. Girls as young as five years old are being captured and sold into slavery. Something needs to be done. It has been done once and we can well do it again.


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