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Saving Slaves

11 Apr

Saving slaves, some people believe that it’s not there problem that there are still slaves today. Slaves are still in the world today and are even found in the United States. Something needs to be done or this horrible act will continue to happen and carry on for future generations. I know that not that not one person can make a huge difference, but if one person spreads the word to many other people then a group can make a difference. Making a difference in the children’s and adults lives that have been taken into slavery will make a huge impact on their and your life. I know that I don’t want my future children and grandchildren growing up in a world ruled by slavery so do what you can to help.


Kony 2012

11 Apr

Kony 2012

Joseph Kony, the world’s worst war criminal. What does he has to do with slavery is.. in 1987 he over took a rebel group and renamed it to the Lord’s Resistance Army(LRA).  When Kony realized he was running out of fights, he thought he need new tactics. So, to add to his army, he started abducting children in Uganda and training them to fight and kill others. He has done a lot of damage, going through Uganda, but now through Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, and South Sudan. The LRA has abducted  more than 30,000 Kids and has displaced at least 2.1 million people.

To read more information on him and the people trying to help, visit invisible children.



Kony 2012: Part II – Beyond Famous

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#hashtags can save lives

29 Mar

By using the hashtags #humantrafficking , #trafficking , #fighthumantrafficking , #savethechildren , #humanrights , and #slaveryfree , you are increasing the chances of getting the word out! With each follow and tweet, we get one step closer to saving the millions of children and adults, both girls and boys, who are suffering today from this horrible, money making business. To help get the word out to end human trafficking, we are now on Twitter. Anyone can help! If you don’t have a Twitter account, then please sign up. The more, the merrier! If you already have an account or multiple accounts, you might be wondering how you are going to manage numerous tweets. Hootsuite is a great website that is just like a virtual daily planner for Twitter. It’s great to use and will help you balance out your tweets. These women and children need your help. Please, help us get the word out and save a life, one tweet at a time.

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