Commemorate May Day in a whole new way: stand against slavery

27 Mar

It is time to get our hands dirty. It is time to touch the hands of those rescued from human slavery. Human trafficking is a blight on humanity. Modern day slavery is an oxymoron. We cannot call ourselves modern but have slavery exist in our society. Human slavery preys on our peers. The young girls and boys, our age are the victims. We are a generation of youth who will reach out so that one day every slave may be free. This MayDay we are asking every teenager and adult to buy jewelry from one of the organizations that sells jewelry made by the women, children, and men who have been freed from human slavery. Could you imagine the impact if one million people all bought jewelry? Such a demand would put more money into the organizations that are rescuing people from human trafficking.

Français : Emblème de la Society for Effecting...

Français : Emblème de la Society for Effecting the Abolition of the Slave Trade, Royaume-Uni, 22 mai 1787. Le camée a été réalisé à la faiencerie de Josiah Wedgwood. Le Dessin attribué à William Hackwood et Henry Webber. English: Am I not a man emblem used during the campaign to abolish slavery. The image is from a book from 1788, so there can be no effective copyright. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

May one day everyone be free. But until then, our hands will touch the hands of those who have been rescued. We will act by buying from these organizations to help them support their efforts. We will wear the jewelry as a sign of remembrance of those among us who cannot play and cannot go to school because they are captives against their will.

We will not support organizations that profit from human slavery in any way. MayDay is our day to remember what can be.

What you can do:

  • Wear jewelry made by those freed from slavery. On May 1, we are asking children, teens, men, and women everywhere to wear the jewelry made by those who have been rescued from this travesty. By buying their jewelry, we will put money in the hands of those who are rescuing the boys, girls, and women from this atrocity. We are encouraging people to buy jewelry from Destiny Rescue, an organization devoted to ending human trafficking.
  • Host a jewelry sale. Reading High School in Ohio is hosting a jewelry sale on Tuesday, May 1st. Pending approval, Westwood High School in Georgia will also be hosting a jewelry sale. To host a jewelry sale, contact Destiny Rescue. (Click here for detailed information)
  • Support the organizations that are working in this area. The hashtag is #endslavery (if you Tweet) or you can like our Facebook post (going live soon.)  Check back here for facts and more information on this important.
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